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Boulder Bike Parking 2013

City of Boulder to Offer Subsidized Bike Racks to Local Businesses

The City of Boulder is working in partnership with Community Cycles to launch a pilot program that will
offer low cost bike racks and installation for qualifying businesses.

According to city bike/ped planner, Marni Ratzel "Much of the bike parking at shopping centers and in
front of local businesses is not adequate because it was installed before current standards that consider
a higher demand for bike parking and more secure racks. This pilot program seeks to address the lack of
quality bike parking for bicyclists and businesses."

Businesses can apply for subsidized racks and installation by completing an online form to request racks.
Business can purchase up to five inverted U type racks at a discounted price of $50 per rack. Quantities
are limited and will be first come, first served, based on need. Included in the rack fee is site inspection
by a Community Cycles representative to help determine the best location for rack placement.
Businesses are required to maintain bike racks, including snow and ice removal around the racks.

For businesses seeking assistance with installing racks, Community cycles will complete installation at
a discounted rate of $50 per rack.  Businesses that do not choose to have Community Cycles complete the installation must install the racks within 6 weeks after taking the delivery of the racks.

"This is an excellent opportunity to get quality bike parking at some locations in Boulder that are
seriously lacking," says Community Cycles Advocacy Director Sue Prant. "We are really excited to be part
of this project that is addressing the needs of people who ride bikes in Boulder."

For more information, contact Sue Prant at sue@communitycycles.org or Marni Ratzel at