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Boulder Bicycle Friendly Businesses

Bike Friendly Businesses Boulder ColoradoCommunity Cycles and GO Boulder announce the launch of the Boulder Bicycle Friendly Business Program, which recognizes the Boulder businesses that make bicycle commuting an attractive and feasible option for employees and visitors.

Businesses receive a score out of 100 total points, and are then divided into four score levels- bronze, silver , gold and platinum. Scoring is based on categories such as bike parking and other amenities, programs and policies related to biking, and community involvement.
Businesses are awarded the Bike Friendly Distinction for a one-year period and encouraged to re-apply each year to get an updated designation .
Those honored with this distinction receive a certificate and a Boulder Bike Friendly Business sticker for the year in which the distinction was awarded. Winning businesses will be featured on the Community Cycles and GO Boulder websites and e-newsletters.

Honored businesses will be announced at least twice a year – Winter Bike to Work Day and Walk and Bike Month in June – and more often if necessary. Businesses can apply year-round.

Businesses are scored on the following questions (# of points follow each question):
Does your business offer racks where the bicycle touches at two points? 8
Does your business offer covered racks? 5
Does your business offer racks visible from the front door? 5
Does your business offer long term, covered bike parking? 10
Does your business have a Walk & Bike Month team in the Commuter Challenge? 10
Does your business sponsor a Bike to Work Day breakfast station? 5
Does your business sponsor a Winter Bike to Work Day breakfast station? 2
Is your business a sponsor of Walk & Bike Month this year? 5
Does your business offer showers for employees who bike? 2
Does your business offer changing lockers to employees who bike 3
Does your business offer a bike fleet for employees to use? 10
Does your business use or offer delivery services by bicycle? 5
If you have a retail business, does your business offer discount for customers who bike? 5
Does your business offer an EcoPass to employees? 5
Does your business have an Employee Trip Coordinator? 5
Does your business have a bicycle friendly dress code for employees? 1
Does your business offer a parking cash out incentive for those that bike to work? 10
Does your business offer classes or workshops to help employees bike to work? 3
Does your business offer tools and a pump on hand for employees that bike to work? 3
Has your business adopted a bike path? 3
Is your business a business member of either local bike advocacy organization- Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance or Community Cycles? 10
Boulder companies encouraged to apply by taking the survey here.

Bike Friendly businesses for 2011-2012:

June 2011-2012

  • Full Cycle Bikes
  • Bikes Belong
  • Pedal To Properties (2011)
  • Pivot Communications
  • Belt Collins West Ltd.
  • Eco-Cycle

Jan 2012- 2013

  • Ideal Market
  • eGo CarShare
  • CU Boulder

June 2011-2012

  • Google
  • Roche Colorado Corporation
  • Boulder Denver Couriers
  • University Bicycles
  • International Mountain Bicycling Association
  • Boulder Community Hospital
  • iSupportU
  • E Source
  • PreRace.com
  • Picosecond Pulse Labs
  • Catalyst Communication, Inc.
  • Alta Physical Therapy & Pilates
  • Center for ReSource Conservation
  • Gebhardt Volkswagen
  • Envioronmental Center for the Rockies- NWF
  • Vertafore
  • Rally Software
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Jan 2012- 2013

  • Catalyst Communication
  • GoLite
  • Geological Society of America
  • Gebhardt Volkswagen
  • Rally Software Development
  • Alion Science and Technology, MA&D Operation

June 2011-2012

  • cisco Systems Inc.
  • Foundation Fitness
  • University Parent Media
  • Space Science Institute
  • Ozo Coffee Company
  • Page Two
  • Boulder Beer Co
  • Alion Science and Technology
  • Lynne Rienner Publishers
  • Amadeus Consulting Group, Inc.
  • Renewable Choice Energy
  • Special Transit
  • InfoPrint Solutions Company
  • Ocean First Divers
  • Walnut Capital Management
  • QuickLeft
  • Walnut Café

Jan 2012- 2013

  • IBM Corporation
  • Whole Foods Pearl
  • Ricoh Production Print Solutions

June 2011-2012

  • Celestial Seasonings
  • Aspen Media and Market Research Inc
  • Barry Erdman, LCSW, DCSW
  • Tom's Sportique Eyewear
  • Array BioPharma
  • VISA

Jan 2012- 2013

  • Boulder Indoor Cycling
  • Jeffrey L. Skovron, P.C.


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