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Boulder Bicycle Workshop Instructors & Presentors
Community Cycles Instructors

Dan Adams

Dan grew up riding bikes in Massachusetts. He discovered the sense of empowerment and freedom that comes with getting around by bike at age 10 when he started riding to school and later commuting to summer jobs by bike. Has continued to use the bike as his primary means of transport to this day. Since moving to Boulder in 2007, he has gotten interested in moving cargo by bike. He built a very large bike trailer to haul furniture around… Read more about this instructor

Chris Campbell

Chris Campbell began as a volunteer at Community Cycles January 2010 and is now an Earn-a-Bike Instructor. He enjoys teaching others and working on bikes. Chris is currently taking classes at Front Range Community College. In his free time, Chris likes to watch South Park, workout and root for the Broncos. Chris completed a Tough Mudder in Summer 2012 and he also speaks Spanish.

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Fred Ecks

Fred is a recovering computer geek, do-it-yourself homeowner, and long distance trail runner who discovered the economic, social, and health benefits of a car-free lifestyle long ago, and never went back. He participates in the Community Cycles Advocacy Committee, is a volunteer facilitator, and does extensive work for a few other non-profit organizations. When he's not messing around with bikes or computers, he can be found out enjoying the mountain trails, relishing the delights of outdoor life in Boulder. Read more about this instructor

Ann Haebig

Ann is a long standing bike commuter, do-it-yourselfer, and frugalista. After selling her car over a year ago, she has transported trees, sections of downspout, and a flat screen television by bicycle. She volunteers her time on www.financialintegrity.org, helping others to learn the beauty of cheap. Her part-time job at Eco-Cycle keeps her supplied with recycled kitty litter buckets. Ann currently serves on the Community Cycles board and Advocacy Committee. She can also be… Read more about this instructor

Karl Hanzel

Karl's been pedaling ever since he was old enough to reach the pedals.

A decisive moment however, was when he was finally old enough to drive. That summer, he really pissed-off his parents over somethingorother, and even though he had his first job to get to, he was grounded from using the car for the rest of the summer. At that point, he became a bicycle commuter ... and it stuck.

In college, he worked at a bike shop, part-time, assembling & wrenching. He… Read more about this instructor

Nate Kawa

Nate's love of bicycles started when he was living in Chicago. Watching cyclist fly past unhappy motorists stuck in traffic, he quickly learned that riding was the only way to get around town, and soon became hopelessly in love with all things bike. He ditched his inefficient suspension mountain bike for his dad's old Raleigh Grand Prix which, if you didn't guess, was converted into a flashy fixed gear. When he couldn't keep up with his friend's modern Felt road bike he realized the limitations of the fixed gear and traded his… Read more about this instructor

Ray Keener

Ray Keener is a 35-year veteran of the bicycle industry. His Boulder-based company, Growth Cycle, produces retail staff and consumer education DVDs and websites for bike retailers worldwide. His passion is getting people started in cycling, and helping them grow and enjoy the sport more by getting more comfortable and efficient. Ray's been fitting bikes since 1982.


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Wanda Pelegrina Caldas

Wanda has never had a driver's license nor owned a car, but she gets around just fine. Wanda loves her bike and longs to dispel the myth that bike shops are for boys and bike mechanics. Every girl can ride a bike and keep it in working order without being a mechanic. If you think that bike commuting requires a fancy bike, expensive gear and lycra, Wanda will show you how to ride in practical cycle chic style. Read more about this instructor

Todd Root

Todd is a certifiable bike nut. Since ditching his car and moving to Boulder in 2005, he's averaged around nine thousand miles a year. He's done some touring too, including a 4,400 mile shot from Oregon to Rhode Island in 2007. What started as a concern about the environment has exploded into a lifestyle worthy of ridicule. Actually, it would be great if Todd had one or two hobbies that didn't involve bikes, but we don't want to tell him that.

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Brett Schager

Brett Schager is new to the cycling world.  His introduction began
when he went through the earn-a-bike program and loved Community
Cycles so much that he continued volunteering.  He started without
knowing how to change a flat, and has since learned a great deal of
bike mechanics skills.

Although he received a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and English and
got a teaching license, he now has a job as the Volunteer and Outreach
Coordinator for Community Cycles, driven by his enthusiasm for

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Karen Shaviv

A native New Yorker, Karen Shaviv didn't get into cycling until she moved to Colorado in 2000, where the pressure to take to 2 wheels was too overwhelming to ignore. She discovered a passion for mountain biking, and now has a growing collection of bikes for every purpose. When she's not wrenching on bikes at Community Cycles, Karen lives the rock-and-roll life as a sound engineer and is also the production manager for the Fox and Boulder Theater, seeing tons of music and arguing with bands about green M&Ms in their dressing rooms.… Read more about this instructor

Zane Selvans

Zane first started biking at the age of 14 as an exchange student in Miyazaki, Japan. When he got home to Sanger, California, he traded a 90 minute rural school bus ride for 78 additional minutes of sleep and a 12 minute bike commute. He's lived car-free ever since, riding in Los Angeles, Santa Cruz, and Boulder. He's also bike toured from Britain to Turkey, down the entire Pacific Coast Highway, and most recently on the dirt roads of the Sierra Madre Occidental in … Read more about this instructor