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Used Bikes - Boulder, Colorado

Used bikes for sale tuned up and ready to go, Boulder ColoradoUsed Bike Sales - We provide quality name brand used bikes at affordable prices. Our bikes have been refurbished and tuned up by expert volunteer mechanics. Sale bikes are a mix of mid level mountain, road and hybrids; we occasionally have high end bikes as well. Although we post some of our offerings on Craigslist, MOST of what we have for sale is not listed. Come by the shop noon to six pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays to see our ever changing selection of bikes, accessories, and parts.

Used Bike Parts - We have crates full of a huge variety of used bicycle components from derailleurs to brake levers to vintage frames, forks and wheels. These parts are generally low to mid-range quality, perfect for getting that old bike in the garage back on the road. We also have a smaller selection of higher end parts.

Boulder's Bike Commuter Shop - We have everything you need to be a successful bike commuter: fenders, panniers, lights, bells, trailers and more.

Where the money goes - Community Cycles is a 501(c)3 non profit organization. We collect landfill-bound bicycles and use them to teach bicycle mechanics and encourage bicycle commuting. Read more about our bicycle advocacy programs. Proceeds from used bike sales and tune ups support our efforts to get more people on bikes in Boulder and the Colorado Front Range.

We Stock Brand New Bicycle Trailers

Never drive to the grocery store again with one of our affordable bike trailers. We carry cargo specific bike trailers for all your hauling needs. If you only think you'll need a trailer once and a while consider becoming a CC Membership which gives you access to our bike trailer lending library.

Sales and Service

Community Cycles offers a full bike shop with new & used parts & accessories with discounts to CC members.  AND awesome & affordable re-furbished bikes.

Come check us out and find your dream machine or sustainable transportation!

Croozer Cargo Bicycle Trailer - $225

Your bicycle's trunk
Help the environment and get exercise by leaving your car behind. The Croozer Cargo has plenty of space for groceries, doing routine errands - like recycling - or daily commuting. Plus, why drive to your leisure, sports and social activities when you can ride there with everything you need in your Croozer Cargo.

Comes standard with:

  • Bicycle hitcharm with axle mounted hitch
  • Steel frame with solid plastic floor
  • Simple folding mechanism
  • Hand cart function simply by changing the angle of the hitcharm
  • Removable weather cover