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If you would like to participate in one of our programs or become a volunteer please sign up below.

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Volunteer at Community Cycles

If you are already a volunteer, log into your personal volunteers site to schedule shifts.  If you have forgotten your volunteer information, click here to retrieve it.

How do I become a Core Volunteer?

Reasonable accomodations provided upon request.

Volunteer Opportunities:

* Volunteers interested in Advocacy assignments should contact the Advocacy Director: advocacy@communitycycles.org
** Special events and information on how to volunteer for these events will be announced on our website

Other Programs:


What are benefits of volunteering?

  • learn bike mechanics
  • help keep bikes out of the waste stream
  • resume-building
  • volunteer gatherings and social events (with food)
  • get dibs on fancy parts
  • meet new people and be part of a community
  • give back to the community

New volunteers receive perks and gifts too.  Here is our system of rewards:

  • 35 hours (in 4 months) - Personalized nametag (and wholesale purchasing benefits)
  • 50 hours (in one year) - Community Cycles T-shirt
  • 75 hours (in one year) - Community Cycles socks
  • 100 hours (in one year) - increased wholesale purchasing benefits
  • 200 (lifetime) - Cake
  • 500 (lifetime) - Gift